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Commercial Locksmith Toronto

Commercial locksmith solutions require proven expertise and tailored solutions for different setups. The team of expert and experienced technician of Commercial Locksmith Toronto are equipped with the latest technologies and process knowledge to address all unique problems and design customized solutions. Our approach to each locksmith issue is innovative and personalized based on its degree of complexity.

Your office is where your daily business dealings, monetary transactions, and important negotiations take place. Your trade secrets and classified documents should be safeguarded by top-notch security measures and instruments. Protecting a sizeable commercial set-up requires careful and thorough analysis and impeccable implementations, which can only be performed by a competent locksmith company. Locksmith Toronto is a trusted security partner of all the Torontonians, which provides a broad spectrum of security services for commercial security of varied size.

Commercial Locksmith in Toronto

Why choose Commercial Locksmith Toronto

  • A team of licensed and skilled technician for each commercial locksmith issue
  • Comprehensive locksmith offerings for all types of commercial setups
  • Round-the-clock commercial locksmith services
  • Emergency office locksmith solutions
  • Immediate support on emergency lock-out situations
  • High-quality locksmith service at a pocket-friendly price

How does it work

Most of the times commercial locksmith requirements are more than its residential and automotive counterparts. It requires detailed project planning and stage-wise execution. Once you decide on any commercial security upgrades or need emergency service support, call Commercial Locksmith Toronto right away, and our technician will provide you doorstep service.

  1. Office Lockout
    Getting stuck inside the office due to the broken lock can be extremely annoying and stressful. Toronto locksmith technician are capable of handling office lockout emergencies without damaging the existing infrastructure.
  2. Master Keys Cutting
    Carrying a huge keychain around your waist can be frustrating. There are better ways to protect your commercial property than to tire yourself out following the age-old security measures. Master key cutting is an answer to this problem. In this mechanism, you get a set of universal keys that easily unlock multiple doors.
  3. Door Closers
    Door closers are must-haves to ensure optimum protection of your commercial property. Our expert technicians are technically competent to install automatic door closers, which makes the door instantly close after someone opens and get inside the room.
  4. Panic Bars Installation
    Panic bars trigger an alert in case of any fire or emergency in the office building. It requires special techniques to install panic bars that activate after pushing a lever to initiate an evacuation.
  5. Electric Strikes Placement
    It is essential to install the electric strikes on an electromechanical door system to ensure better security and tighter access control. Our technician are specially trained to perform such high-end tasks.
  6. Keypad Locks
    Installing a keypad lock in your office and residence will make you avoid an accidental keystroke.
  7. Mortise Locks Installation
    The mortise lock is a type of high end and hidden lock manufactured essentially to ensure the strength and longevity for different business applications. It is highly used in the commercial security industry to add that extra punch of safety in your premise.

Toronto Commercial Locksmith Services

Other automotive locksmith services include:

Installation of Latch Guards. Latch guard is an essential security tool that protects any commercial property from intrusions, break-ins, burglaries, and unwanted entries. A latch guard can easily counter the specially designed prying tools by the burglars.

Experienced technician of Locksmith Toronto are always at your service. Place us a single call, and our trained technician will be at your doorstep as per your convenience. We are your trusted security partner, and your safety is our guarantee. Advanced Lock & Door Toronto assures you of providing best-in-class and professional locksmith services as per your budget anytime in 24 hours.

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