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Mobile Locksmith Toronto

Mobile Locksmith Service Toronto comprises of a team of expert mobile technician who are geared to resolve any locksmith emergencies in every nook and cranny of Toronto. Call Advanced Lock & Door the moment you are stuck in an emergency and our technician will be at your location at the earliest. They are adept in handling issues from fixing the broken lock, repairing broken latches, bolts and locks and much more. Whether you are driving a vehicle, running a business or a homemaker, we are there by your side to resolve all security challenges and restore peace of mind.

Why choose us

  • A strong team of certified mobile technician for every locksmith emergency;
  • We provide a range of services for all setups;
  • 24/7 on-call locksmith services;
  • Emergency locksmith solutions;
  • Fast and efficient turnaround at a low price.

Mobile Locksmith Service in Toronto

How does it function

Usually, our mobile technician take between 20 to 30 minutes to get to the client’s location. A regular emergency may take 10-15 minutes to resolve whereas a more complex one like key programming or extraction; lock repair may stretch it up to 30 to 45 minutes.

If you encounter a break-in, intrusion or burglary in your office or residence, you should immediately report the incident to the nearet police station. Subsequently, you should contact our Mobile Locksmith Toronto right away. Our mobile locksmiths will reach your doorstep in 20 to 25 minutes, assess the situation and replace the locks, bolts, latches, doors or the entire security system. Our company will provide the best-fitted solution in such a trying situation.

Mobile Locksmith Service Toronto means prompt and guaranteed safety

Toronto Mobile Locksmiths have decade long experience of serving a large base of loyal customers across Toronto. Our efficient technician strive to better the best with every service contract. Our service portfolio includes lock repair and replacement, master key installation, regular key cutting, cutting of immobilizer and transponder keys, Fixing or replacing the existing security tools, complete security upgrade and much more for residence, commercial property or vehicle.

Other automotive locksmith services

Once you place a call in our number, our team of mobile technician will reach your location to fix the issue on-site. Our solutions may range from fixing simple locksmith issues to as complex as master key installation. Once you have placed your trust in the ability of Toronto Mobile Locksmith, you are assured of the best outcome.

Toronto Mobile Locksmith services

Any locksmith emergency requires fast thinking and improvised execution by an engineer. Our technician are capable of thinking on their feet and provide a personalized solution in 15-20 minutes. We offer services ranging from lock replacement, repair, making a duplicate key to emergency unlocking of doors and trunks in Toronto and neighboring areas.

Your search for a professional and reliable locksmith in Toronto ends here with Locksmith Toronto. We offer round the clock locksmith services across Toronto. Whether you have a broken lock at your residence or office, if your car key is giving you trouble, call us today, and our dexterous technician will provide you with fast and long term solution. Your safety is our responsibility.

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