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Residential Locksmith Toronto

Your home is where you want to keep your hard earned assets and precious belongings safe and secured. You may need to ensure the required safety by upgrading your existing security architecture or simply changing instruments like locks and bolts. Whatever may be the scenario, residential Advanced Lock & Door Locksmith Toronto has the necessary expertise and years of experience in resolving emergencies and providing a wide range of services like lock replacement and repair, bolt replacement, master key system installation, complete security overhaul and much more.

Home lockouts are common phenomena in Toronto and surrounding areas. If you face one, don’t get tensed call Advanced Lock & Door Locksmith Toronto right away. Our licensed and expert technician will be at your doorstep to offer you quality and fast solution.

Residential Locksmith Service Toronto

Why choose Residential Locksmith Toronto?

  • Capable and bonded technician dedicated for every residential locksmith issue
  • All car makes and models supported
  • Round-the-clock residential locksmith services
  • Emergency team for home lockout situations
  • Fast and affordable residential locksmith service

How does it function?

First, we would request you to get our number on speed dial. Whenever you face any residential locksmith issue, call us right away. We will immediately provide you with an estimated cost along with an assigned engineer for your case. The engineer will reach your location based on the time confirmed for a detailed survey. He will suggest options and you can choose one that best suits your needs and budget. Once you confirm, the work starts immediately and gets completed within the specified timeline.

Toronto Residential Locksmith Services

Our comprehensive damage repair services include:

  1. Fence Gate Locks Installation
    It is a simple yet prove method to avoid unwanted intrusion. Our expert locksmiths ensure that the fence gate locks are of the highest built quality coupled with a complex and unbreakable master key system to protect your fences and gates.
  2. Combination Lock Change
    Combination locks are possibly one of the smartest ways to secure your home. It can only be opened by keying in a code on touchpad which the homeowners or family members remember. This approach minimizes the chance of burglary or any form of intrusion.
  3. Locking Mailbox
    No one should break into your mailbox which has access to your confidential letters. You can only secure your mailbox by wiring up with an appropriate lock. Call Locksmith Toronto today to get this done.
  4. Safe Cracking
    Your safe is the place where you keep all your valuable assets like jewelry of important papers. If those get locked inside, you will have enough reason to be stressed out. Call us right away to get your safe opened without a single scratch.
  5. Installation of the Deadbolt Lock
    A deadbolt serves the purpose of a secondary layer of your security system. It is installed above the central lock and give extra protection to your home.

Other residential locksmith services:

  • Master Key System
    The master key system provides multi-level of security to your residence. The system is expertly designed on complex hierarchy and allow access only to authorized persons in commercial and residential setups. The complex locking mechanism ensures added safety to your residence or office.
  • Custom Locks Installation
    Custom locks are designed as per the security need for bigger properties like estate and farmhouse. The installation of custom locks require proven expertise and a thorough understanding of its working mechanism. Only a proficient locksmith company like Residential Locksmith Toronto is capable of installing such complex architecture.

Our lock and key specialists ensure that you get quality solutions within your budget and committed time frame.

Locksmith Toronto will design a solution in such a way that will reduce the chance of unwanted break-ins, intrusions, and unexpected burglary.

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