Commercial Locksmith North Vancouver

Security of commercial buildings is very important for running a successful business. Locksmith North Vancouver offers all kinds of commercial services: from safety consultations and picking the best methods of protection to installation and administering of the office security systems.

Our advantages

Using our services, you can get:

  • The best security equipment;
  • Certified administering of the locks and hardware;
  • All types of commercial services including office lockout, installation of the panic bars, door closers, latch guards and other door hardware.

Office lockout

If you are locked out of your office, call Locksmith North Vancouver and you`ll get into the building in no time! Locksmith North Vancouver performs any type of locksmith services for offices. We can break through any kind of lock: electronic keyless locks, keypads with password control, biometric access control systems and of course, any type of key locks.

Master keys

Locksmith North Vancouver provides its clients with all types of master keys. You can order master keys of different levels of security – from simple to more complex several level master keys.

Door closers

Our company can install door closers to match the standards of fire safety of the office buildings and help to maintain the temperature inside the building. We offer two types of door closers: manual and automatic.

Panic bars

To increase the level of safety of the office building Locksmith North Vancouver offers panic bars installation. Make sure that all your workers will be safe in case of emergency. You can also choose panic bars fitted with alarms to protect your office from unauthorized intrusion.

Electric strikes

Locksmith North Vancouver can offer two types of electric strikes: fail-secure or fail-safe. The first type can be used for the aims of safety, while the second one for emergency exits. We also have reversible electric strikes, which can be both fail-secure and fail-safe.

Keypad locks

Keypad locks are growing popularity among commercial users. There are a number of reasons for that. They are reliable and easy to use. Our company offers all types of keypad locks including magnetic stripe keypad locks, keyless keypad locks, electronic keypad deadbolts and lots of others.

Mortise locks

Mortise locks recommended themselves as reliable and durable. Locksmith North Vancouver is ready to install and administer the best mortise locks to protect your office from the burglars.

Duty locks

Depending on the door that you need a lock for, we offer several types of locks: light duty, heavy duty or special duty locks.

Latch guards

Our locksmith service installs all types of door hardware including latch guards to provide an extra protection from break-in. Due to this small detail you can bring the security of your office to a higher level.

The pricing range

Locksmith North Vancouver provides a very reasonable price policy. The cost of the service depends on the complexity of the task (whether you need a new key, a new lock or you are locked out of the office), the price of the materials used for repairing or installation (when we talk about door hardware). In general the prices for our services start from 95$. All costs are discussed in advance, so it won`t be a surprise for you.

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