Emergency Locksmith North Vancouver

Locksmith North Vancouver is working round the clock, to meet all needs of our clients and don`t make them wait long. The locksmith will come to your call in 15-20 minutes and help you solve your problem. Our specialists are fully equipped to be ready for any situation. No matter if you are locked out of your house, car or office, Locksmith North Vancouver is always ready to help.

The pros of our emergency service

  • We work 24/7;
  • The locksmith arrives in 15-20 minutes;
  • All kinds of services available round the clock;

24-hour locksmith

If you`ve suffered vandalism or a break in, the locksmith will be dispatched to your house immediately after receiving your call. Any time of the day and night you won`t need to wait.

Safe lockouts

There are different types of safes like wall safes, gun safes, fire resistant safes with different locking mechanisms, which can be electronic or mechanic. Our locksmith can open any of these. When you need your safe to be opened but you`ve lost or broke the key or forgot the password call us and find the solution of the problem.

Emergency door repair

Locksmith North Vancouver offers emergency door repair if your house was broken in or the door just broke late at night, there`s no need to wait till morning to have your door fixed. We`ll reach your place in 15-20 minutes so that you could you feel protected.

Emergency car unlock

You`ve closed your key in the car? Lost it? Or broke it in the keyhole? The locksmith will extract the broken key and replace it with the new one even if it`s a transponder key or open the door with the help of other tools. Besides, there won`t be any signs of unlocking left on your car.

Emergency lockout

In any situation, when you can`t get into your house, car or office, Locksmith North Vancouver will come to the rescue. We work without breaks and weekends, so you can call us any time and be sure to get help. We`ll extract broken or jammed keys, repair broken doors and windows.


All prices are very individual and depend on several factors. First of all, the reason of the lockout: lost or broken key; broken lock. Secondly, the type of the lock: sash lock, dead lock, Scandinavian lock, Yale lock, euro lock, UPVC mechanism and so on. Thirdly, the complexity of the required service. The cost of all types of job is discussed in advance, so you may learn the exact price by calling us.

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